Drug addiction and abuse opiate agonists treatment program - Substitol

Substitol (morphine sulphate) is the main medication used. It is provided by the Center. We apply two basic models of treatment: Substitol detoxification and supporting Substitol treatment.
The therapy with this opiate agonist can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Intensive stabilization stage;
  2. Binding and rehabilitation stage.
  3. Medical support stage;
  4. Opiate detoxification stage.
  5. Support stage – when reaching a zero doze of opiate agonist patient continues to get support by the Program aiming at supporting a stable way of life and prevention of a recurrence and/ or passing to one of the other treatment programs: home detoxification, supporting treatment program with naltrexone, etc.

The service pack includes daily medication intake, compulsory urine test, individual and/ or group psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation and transcranial magnetic stimulation. In case of subject psychic diseases (comorbidity), upon examination by a program psychiatrist a parallel therapy with the relative medication is held.
An advance pack charge payment for this treatment program is required.