Drug addiction and abuse naltrexone treatment program - Revia, Adepend

This program is designated for patients who have finished their medication treatment with opiate agonists or agonist- antagonists (Methadone, Substitol, Buprenorphin, etc.). It applies even after the clinical or home detoxification. The main requirement is that patient has not taken opioids at least 5 days. It begins with a urine test, compulsory negative for the specified psycho- active substances.
Naltrexone is the main medication used (it is sold under the following trade names in the pharmacy network: Nalorex, Revia, Adepend) and patients buy it themselves.
The service pack includes daily medication intake, compulsory urine test, individual and/ or group psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation and transcranial magnetic stimulation. In case of subject psychic diseases (comorbidity), upon examination by a program psychiatrist a parallel therapy with the relative medication is held.
An advance pack charge payment for this treatment program is required.