Home detoxification program

This program is designated for patients who have finished their medication treatment with opiate agonists or agonist- antagonists (Methadone, Substitol, Buprenorphin, etc.) in the relative treatment programs. It also applies to people who use or are addicted to heroine or other drugs.
This treatment program does not use medication from the following groups: opiate agonists or agonist- antagonists (methadone, Substitol, Buprenorphin, etc.).
Upon a thorough check- up by a psychiatrist, patient and their relatives receive a medication schedule for home intake as well as prescriptions to be bought at the pharmacy. Upon a two- week home treatment addicted person starts to visit the Center once in a few days as per the team’s judgment.
The service pack includes daily medication intake at home under parents’ or relatives’ supervision (hourly schedule), compulsory urine test, individual and/ or group psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation and transcranial magnetic stimulation
In case of subject psychic diseases (comorbidity), upon examination by a program psychiatrist a parallel therapy with the relative medication is held.
An advance pack charge payment for this treatment program is required.